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About Ring of Fire

Started by a core of RL friends, Ring of Fire has established itself on the EU-Alonsus realm and grown quickly. At Level 25, we are a social, casual and progressive raiding and levelling guild with the emphasis on casual. Although the majority of our membership are from the UK, we are an international-friendly guild with members from all over the world among our core players.

There is usually plenty going on in a typical week with plenty of LFR groups, heroics, scenarios and players grouping for daily quests. Most of us are also levelling or gearing alts and our core players are about to restart 10-man progression raiding.

For our Members we provide a 30 user Mumble VoIP server, a guild tabard, 6 bank tabs, a repairs service and a guild shop with below-market prices for gear, gems, mats and enchants. We have players with all professions so you will have access to high-end and "to help you level" craftables. We do guild runs for gear, rep, achievements, mounts, levelling/boosting, practice and of course just for fun too.

If you like what you've read and would like to join us, click on the "Apply to Guild" link under Membership on the left, or speak to an officer in-game.

See you in Azeroth!

Salabum AKA Scott - Guild Master

Pipah, Mailee & Madonnarhoea AKA Jules, Mark and Steve - The Officers

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by DonkeyKong73, 161 days ago

As Guild Master Scott has been inactive for some time, our Deputy GM Jules has assumed temporary control of Ring of Fire. Scott, I am sure, will be back but for now Jules will be running things on a day-to-day basis with assistance from Mark and me. I plan to be in game at least 2-3 evenings this week, work permitting of course and back on again over the coming weekend.

Thanks Mark, Gary, Jon, Aid, Michelle, Jane (and anyone else who took part whose name I might have forgotten to type) for the groups over the weekend - it's been good fun getting back into WoW and trying out the new content. I made the right choice getting DPS gloves Jon as even with the change my DPS spec is still a way behind my tank spec!

For those worried about using Guild Repairs, fear not - I have added a couple of grand to the Guild bank and for those that can take part, we will try to run some scenarios in the coming few days as this seems to be the most efficient way to earn gold for the Guild.

Steve on behalf of the leadership, Ring of Fire.

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